If We Eat Marijuana, This Is What Happens to The Human Body

Some time ago, several countries legalized Medical Marijuana because it was considered to have health benefits. Prior to this, Uruguay was the first country to legalize marijuana after it was followed by Canada and Thailand, which recently legalized it. This is based on the fact that this plant is called a miracle drug and has therapeutic benefits in people who suffer from seizures.

In addition, it is believed cannabis can help reduce anxiety when taken in small doses. At the level of Recreational Marijuana, marijuana is also considered to have a pure reaction to make people feel more relaxed. Unfortunately, all these good things have more terrible disadvantages to the human body. ‘

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry found that marijuana can damage user memory. This study has been tested in 88 samples of men aged 16 to 25 years who asked to ask regular marijuana users to reduce their drug intake. Then they gave these men some memory tests to test and those who didn’t use marijuana had better memories.

Clinical psychologist Dr. Randi Schuster, lead author of the study, said that “The ability to study or map new information, which is an important aspect of class success, increases with ongoing non-marijuana use.” he said. Then he continued, “Young cannabis users who stop regularly weekly or use more may be better prepared to study efficiently.”

“We are confident that we can say that this finding strongly suggests the prohibition of marijuana for young people in the learning process, while those who continue to use marijuana will hinder the learning process,” he said again.

This finding explains that people who do not use marijuana will learn better than marijuana users. Of course, the findings were small studies, and all the subjects were men from the same area in Boston. However, in previous studies, it showed similar findings, with a study in 2016 showing 16-year-old marijuana smokers also experienced the same problem.

He had difficulty learning new information, Dr. Uster also added.

“There are still many open questions to be learned, including whether attention might increase and memory continues to increase with longer abstinence from marijuana,” he said.

Further research can be done to determine exactly what chemicals in marijuana damage memory and the ability to store new information on users. Until then, however, marijuana smokers must be aware of the risks they take when they use marijuana, and try to avoid overuse of these substances.